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We are a NASDAQ-listed Special Purpose Acquisition Company to power the future of mobility

About us

About Us

We are a publicly-traded (NASDAQ: LVRA) Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) seeking to invest and merge with a business that will play a key role in the future of mobility in EMEA, focusing on the development of mobility services, connected vehicles, electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

Levere Holdings Corp. is sponsored by Goggo Network GmbH, led by Martin Varsavsky, Yasmine Fage, and Stefan Krause, and supported by a board of independent directors including Bodo Uebber, Alex Clavel, and Matthieu Pigasse.


Our Team

COO and Director

CEO and Chairman

Board Of Directors

Business Combination Criteria

Business Criteria
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Focus on electric, connected,
shared and autonomous mobility

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European Focus

Key players in the development of the future of mobility in EMEA

Image by Tom Sam


Achieved or with potential for high revenue and earnings growth

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